Thursday, 19 May 2016

Adroit Infosystems Launches “eClinic Systems”, Medical Practice Management System Software

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Adroit Infosystems Launches “eClinic Systems”, Medical Practice Management System Software

The High-Quality Healthcare Software Products Offered by Adroit Infosystems Come at Affordable Costs

Noida, India - May 18, 2016: Adroit Infosystems Pvt Ltd, a leading healthcare software development company, has announced today the worldwide launch of the "eClinic Systems", the Medical Practice Management Software. Multi-specialty clinics and medical practitioners can manage their business better by using the eClinic Systems which they are offering.

"Doctors and Multi-specialty Clinic community has been asking for a better software and we’ve responded by introducing eClinic Systems which has the tools and software to make the job easier," states Adroit. The company takes pride in pointing out that the eClinic Systems is developed based on the best practices around the world. “We're in business to help you succeed.  It's that simple. Our solutions and services will help you to grow. Software is cloud based but also supports on premise installations,” added Adroit.

“Patients can find doctors and book online appointment based on the specialty, rating, fees and availability. Organizing doctor schedules, collating patient notes, and handling payment are effortless. Doctors and Patients can check schedule on mobile phones and live less chaotic lives,” Adroit concluded.

Why clients should choose Adroit Infosystems’ software products and services?

Adroit’s support services help clients who use their services and products such as: “eHospital Systems”, the Hospital Management System, and the “eClinic Systems”, the Clinic Management System, in rendering fullest satisfaction to their customers with multichannel and round-the-clock support.

Adroit works with customers to successfully increase their business resources in a sustainable and profitable manner. Their marketing services enable the marketing departments of their clients to double their market-reach at 50% of their budget. Their engineering services provide world-class talent to engineering departments of their clients to enable them to accomplish more with less.

About Adroit Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.

Adroit Infosystems, fast growing Healthcare Software Development and IT Services Company, is
headquartered in the USA and has a state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center in NOIDA, India. Adroit is providing full-spectrum software product development services to enterprises throughout the world.

Adroit guarantees access to world class talent for their clients while managing the process, infrastructure, people, and cultural diversities, and also by taking care of the legal, quality, communication, administrative, and managerial aspects of the outsourced operations they entrust to them.

Adroit’s product portfolio includes electronic health systems line of products eHospital, eClinic, ePharmacy, eLaboratory, and eRadiology Systems.

For Media Contact:
Phone: +91-120-4118430


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